Why Shouldn’t We Take Our Parents For Granted.

In 2004, the IMFC (Institute of Marriage and Family Canada) did research on how many single parents there are in Canada. They concluded with the result of: 25% of all Canadians families accounted for single parents. So if 25% of Canadian families have single parents, think about the world perspective. So many more children out of Canada have single parents, we just don’t see it. Out of the billion people in the world, two billion are children.

Millions of children in Canada don’t even get to know one of their parent, they don’t get to know how it feels to be loved by two parents. We all know we shouldn’t take our parents for granted, but why do we still take our parent’s for granted? Or why we think we aren’t taking our parents for granted, yet we still are. There are countless reasons why children take their parents for granted, but the subject this moment is: Why children shouldn’t take their parents for granted.

Not having parents (or perhaps one parent) can be the most terrible thing probable. They can fade away in an instant, without you even being able to grasp it for a second. If you don’t contain a personal relationship with your parent(s), you may regret everything soon after they are gone. You might not regret everything at that precise moment they are gone, but you will. From my experience, you will regret missing that chance of saying “I love you” to them every day, arguing with them for not being able to go to a birthday party, and not listening to what they told you to do from the start. If you come from a wealthy family or a miserable family, you will always have that pain in your heart of regret. When a parent or parents are not at hand anymore, we typically remember the bitter memories. Life is too short for regrets, and for this, you only have one chance to make it right.

Parent’s offer you so to a great extent, similar to driving you to school. But as us children, we respond with “NO, I don’t need your ride!” When was the last time you said “I love you” to your parents? Why is it that we reject our parents so often? Is it because we think they are ruining our social life? Or that they blame us for everything? Yet sometimes, we take advantage of this, we treat them as ATMs. We always take their money, we don’t even say “thank-you” Why do we do that? Parents work so hard for their money, we just don’t see it. Also, Parents know best, they make the right choices for you! They still love us, even though we take advantage, hate them, and take granted of them. They might have forgotten to pick you up from school or soccer practice. We’re all human though, not a soul is perfect. Your parents care about you, and wouldn’t want whatever thing to injure you! Sometimes, it may not seem like that, but they show their love by actions. For love, actions speak louder than words.

Parents are the most influential people in our lives as children. They teach us to cherish our money, be thankful for everything, etc. This is a known fact because we have genes from our children, which makes us more like our parents. Besides, parents went through the same thing as us: heartbreaks, lying to friends, stealing, etc. So what does this have to do with taking our parents for granted? Well, they have taught us so much, and we gain knowledge from them every day. They helped us be who we are today. They help shape and guide us through the right paths. So if right now you think you are a bad person, well I want to let you know: no one is a bad person, they only make bad decisions.

Children should not take their parents for these exact reasons: regret, rejection, and who we are. They are the most significant people in our lives. What would we do without them? Next time you see them, tell them “I love you” or “Thank-you,” after all, they deserve it. You never know what you have until it’s gone.

“Love is a gift we all take for granted.”

2 thoughts on “Why Shouldn’t We Take Our Parents For Granted.

  1. Great persuasion Eugenia! Most people don’t ever think about this. I also think the last quote is hilarious, because you always talk about those cheesy love stories.

  2. this is a great essay,it’s very meaningful and that’s the kind of thing people like to read.It touched my heart.I feel though, that the subject is not a good one to choose for a persuasive paragraph.Although many kids do take their parents for granted, there isn’t a very big audience who would disagree with your point and the persuasive aspect of the essay is lost because there isn’t anyone to persuade.It’s a great essay and I enjoyed reading it.

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