Why we shouldn’t have school uniforms

Are you tired of your school uniform? Sick of wearing the same bland shirt everyday? Why not get rid of your school uniform so you can dress any way you want. Don’t you think a school uniforms are too expensive to throw out? Why spend money on a shirt you don’t even like? Don’t you think that school uniforms are useless, well so do I!

Students can’t express their freedom and free will with school uniforms because it you have to wear it everyday and there aren’t a variety of choices you can choose from. Wearing to same thing over and over again is really boring for example wearing a dark green shirt and black pants everyday is bland there isn’t even any style in that. Most people dress to show their emotions. Some people have to wear a certain article of clothing because of their culture and religion.

School uniforms are expensive to buy. Many people are in debt to the bank in some places already, why make it worse by charging them money for a bland dark green shirt and black pants that they will only wear for a year or two, when you can let your child buy something they want to wear. Some schools won’t let your child in the school if they don’t have a uniform. Wouldn’t it be mice if you find out that your child is wandering around the streets of your city because their school uniform is in the washing machine. Some timers they charge you a lot more then what they payed for the shirt to be manufactured.

We,as humans are allergic to many things such as peanuts, wool, milk, etc. If a person is allergic to the materials used to make the school uniform that students has to make a special order for their own uniform, which will cost more, and take more time to send. Uniforms that are made in a different material may look different so that person may be picked on because they look different.

The reasons why school uniforms are bad is because that it makes people loses their right to dress any way they want, they are expensive to buy, some people may be allergic to that material.  Those are the reasons why school uniforms are bad.

4 thoughts on “Why we shouldn’t have school uniforms

  1. Kevin i wouldn’t want to wear school uniforms ether but we don’t wear school uniforms at our school!

  2. I can imagine you just yelling out the first paragraph with a lot of rage. And I’ve never even seen you yell at all! Good job, Kevin

  3. i agree with you kevin i would not want to wear a school uniform and the part that you said about some places have debt to the bank that is true and people would not be able to show who they are.

  4. My elementary school is in the process of getting school uniforms but I am probably going to be gone by the time they get them but I think its wrong.

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