Have you ever heard a disgusting chopping sound in school? This ugly sound comes from the mouths of people who are chewing gum. Schools don’t allow students to chew gums in the class but students chew gums when the teacher’s not watching. Gum doesn’t give students any benefits but it is a drawback for lots of people by not letting them do their work properly. Since teachers can’t always keep an eye on the students, I think students should choose not to chew gum even when nobody’s watching.

   Most people aren’t able to concentrate on their work while hearing some loud and obnoxious noises like gum being chewed. This affects students’ learning at school. When students hear this annoying sound, they get distracted and they won’t be able to finish their work on time and their grades will eventually go down. Gum also annoy teachers because when students see their friends chewing gums, most of the time, they ask them for some gum by whispering or going up to them when they think the teacher’s not watching. Usually, the whole class gets distracted when that happens and the teachers get frustrated with annoying whispers and laughs. That’s why teachers don’t like it when people choose to chew gums in class.

   When a student moves his mouth constantly while having a conversation with a teacher it looks as if the student’s being rude on purpose and the student’s not paying attention to what’s being said. Sometimes when I see my friend chewing gum, while having a conversation with a teacher I feel like I want to yell at that person to stop chewing gum. It look like the student’s not listening to what the teacher’s saying and also makes the student’s face look like it’s saying ‘Duh, I couldn’t care less’. Chewing gum in class is very rude to the teachers who are trying to do their best job and distracting to the whole class, as I said earlier, and makes it hard for the teachers to teach. Chewing gum in class can also be rude to the fellow students because some people have disgusting ways of chewing gum and blowing bubbles. Those ways of chewing gum are very disgusting to look at or to listen to and very hard to ignore which makes it harder for students to do their work. 

   A lot of people are too lazy to throw their gum in the garbage and that leads to the disgusting practice of leaving gum under desktops or on the ground. Gum is a substance that ruins equipment, clothing and increased consumption will cause distractions in class and hamper the educational process because as people don’t throw away their gum properly and additional gum scrapers are employed, the school will have to cut many programs in order to support this new cleanup expense. This sticky substance will also create an expense for parents when students come back home from school with pieces of gum on their clothes. The research shows that the germs are passed from person to person as a result of leaving gum under desks. These examples show how gums can ruin the environment we’re living in and make us spend money unnecessarily.

   To conclude, chewing gum can cause lots of problems to students themselves, parents and to the school. If students convince themselves that gum is good for nothing, their behavior as well as their grades at school will greatly change. Teachers will be happier than ever before and the schools will be able to provide some more exciting classes for the students. These are the reasons why I think students should stop chewing gum in class. BUT anyways, WEJ students NEVER chew gum in class!


  1. This is very ironic coming from you Danny B! You organized your essay into paragraphs well, now work on the sentences in the paragraphs to ensure they aren’t going on and on. Good job.

  2. ‘Twas rather comical to read this coming from your gum chewing mouth. Try and remove your run on sentences. I found it very boring, try and use more descriptive words and sound more passionate about the subject. It sounded more sarcastic then anything, I was not persuaded

  3. really nice writing, DB. There are some really good point to against people who want to chew gum during the school time.

  4. I strongly disagree, but I still think you did a great job persuading other people! I think points 1+2 are too similar, but your closing sentence is brilliant!

  5. I really agree with the 4th paragraph. Most people are even too lazy to clean up their area or clean up their own lunch mess, even when told to do so. The only time when I think that they will actually care about something like this is if it happens to themselves because they only care about their own health and body. No one actually wants to get sick or get blamed for spreading germs

  6. i agree that people do put gum in gross places like on the outside of the school and under desks but chewing gum actually helps students think. It seemed like you tried to make your paragraphs a bit long by adding sentances that were a bit alike and sentances that were very long. but other than that it was good, even though i don’t agree that chewing gum is bad

  7. Chewing gum can improve memory, say UK psychologists. They found that people who chewed throughout tests of both long-term and short-term memory produced significantly better scores than people who did not.

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