Persuasive Essay- Gum: Why not?

Gum: Why not?


            What is wrong with chewing gum at school? Nothing. I strongly believe that chewing gum during class should be allowed. There are plenty of great reasons why chewing gum at school should not be banned. Chewing gum can easily improve students’ grades; all you have to do is chew! It’s also good for your health. Nothing bad at all comes from chewing gum. Gum can do some really great things for students, but a pointless rule is stopping them from doing so.

            Gum actually helps students stay focused and improves grades on schoolwork, but how? Well, studies have shown that students who chew gum during a test don’t make as many mistakes and do 26%-36% better then they normally would! Wow, imagine what their report cards would look like if they got to chew gm all the time! Since gum is proven to help your memory, attention span, students would have no trouble memorizing what they studied for a test. Gum is also a great stress reliever. Students get really stressed when it comes to tests and homework-overloads! Gum could help them calm down and take the think thoroughly without all the panicking. Achieving excellent grades and being successful is so easy with gum, so why aren’t we allowed to chew and have great marks?

            Did you know that gum could help maintain good health? A lot of gums gave actually been made to clean plaque away to make teeth clean, and smiles happy! Gum gives you rally great breath, which gives you great confidence and less worries. If students have bad breath, they are too embarrassed to participate in class discussions, as well as socializing and discussing work with other students. Not only does gum make your breath smell good, it makes you look good too! You burn about 11 calories for every hour of chewing gum! Students would loose weight, and put all their extra energy into chewing instead of distracting others. Mouths would be used for chewing, rather then talking. Stay healthy; chew gum!

            Honestly, why not chew gum? The only reason gum was banned from schools was because some students stick it on chairs, desks, walls and other uncalled for places. The “No chewing gum allowed” rule actually causes kids to stick gum on school property. They are trying to hide gum from teachers, and to do so, they take out of their mouth and put it wherever they can find.  Why have the rule? It makes no sense. It only makes the situation worse. NOTHING bad happens when students chew gum. It’s the most commonly broken rule at schools. People chew gum all the time. Nobody and nothing gets hurt or broken. The only bad thing that comes from chewing gum in class right now is that it’s a waste of time. It wouldn’t even be a waste of time if the useless rule wasn’t in place. When students get caught chewing gum, we waste a lot of class time. We are constantly being told to stop chewing gum while we could be learning. There aren’t any reasons for not chewing gum. Gum only does good things.

            I do not understand the crazy “No chewing gum” rule. It only makes thing worse. There are endless reasons why we should be allowed to chew gum, and zero reasons why gum should be banned from schools. Students could do so much better and be so much happier, but a pointless rule stands against us. Chewing gum in class could make things better. Schools would be better for learning and growing as people if students were allowed to chew gum during class.

6 thoughts on “Persuasive Essay- Gum: Why not?

  1. …very colorful…
    Some of your facts seem too good to be true, but overall, it was a good essay. I still think that there are some downsides to chewing gum though. I’m still not entirely convinced that we should get rid of the rule…

  2. nicee katie but i think that you said, “why not gum?” a little to much, but good job!

  3. Good job. I like your title, and some great points there. I love how you start every paragraph.

  4. This was a good essay!
    however, i disagree how you said there are no problems with chewing gum at school, in fact there are a lot!
    I wasn’t entirely persuaded, but overall, good job!

  5. I think that you really believe in this essay, but I think that a lot of these facts are a little excessive. I liked that you were passionate about the topic, but you have to back up the facts that you put down. Did you research all of these facts?

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