Tree cutting at Beaver Pond

I am writing a persuasive letter about the cutting down of the trees at the Beaver Pond. This does not have to happen. The Beaver Pond is a great place and must be saved. Lots of people love the forest and many have visited it and know how beautiful it is.

My first argument is that people like the land and they do not want it cut down. The construction company think that they are doing a good thing, but people have been visiting it for 30 years and have an affection for the land. What I think the construction company should do is leave the land as it is. Now that they noticed that the people that are protesting have an affection for this place, they should leave it and make the citizens happy. Also,the people who visit the forest love it. If the company keeps cutting down the trees, the  citizens might start a strike and not go to work. This means that the places that they work at will go out of business and the people that went out of business will blame the construction company, which means that the construction workers could also lose their jobs.

Another reason why the cutting should stop is because this forest has a wheelchair accessible area which is good for people that love this forest but are unfortunately in a wheelchair. If the construction people cut down the forest, the citizens will have no forest to see. This similar to taking candy away from a child. The workers should take a minute and think about the forest and all the people that love it. If  some of the people in wheelchairs are children, seeing the forest will be an awesome learning experience for them. For example, they can see the different animals and tree types that live there.

Another reason why the tree cutting should stop is that people think that the site should be preserved for heritage and ecological reasons. The construction workers want to make a subdivision and I think that is wrong. The reason why I think that this is wrong is because the protesters have a good reason why the Beaver Pond should stay while the workers do not. The protesters’ reason is nature and family-based and the workers is parking lot-based. All the workers are doing is destroying the Earth. Canada is the home of 10% of the worlds forests and if the construction workers cut down the Beaver Pond forest, this 10% will decrease and one of the world’s wonderful sightseeing  areas will be demolished.

The point for my against of the cutting down of the Beaver Pond forest is that people love this place and they want it here for their grandchildren to see. But if the workers cut it down, all the children will see is a subdivision and lost memories. What I am trying to state is that this area is loved and cherished and the world needs forests. The reason for this is because forests are excellent sightseeing places and they have many different species. Some species are rare and some are endangered. If the workers cut the trees, the endangered species will die and so will the rare. The world is a place with lots of animals but if the trees are cut, then this statement will not be true and it will be all thanks to the workers that cut down the trees.

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